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Saumya Saxena Posted on 09/07/2020


I am stuck in mid of implementing POM for one of my projects.

I have followed all the steps wrt to the videos(POM module - Part 4), still, I am getting null pointer exception and I am not able to fix it. The project file is attached to this.

Please guide me in fixing this.

Ashish Replied on 09/07/2020

It would be good if you paste screenshot of the error here as well

Saumya Saxena Replied on 09/07/2020

Screenshot has been attached

Responsive image

Saumya Saxena Replied on 10/07/2020

Kindly look into the error as I am stuck in between the framework learning.

Ashish Replied on 12/07/2020

Your driver is not initialized properly

Its tough to explain here

Please look at the video again

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