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shruthi.pearls28 Posted on 29/06/2020

Hi Ashish,

I really appreciate the work and effort you have given to have POM videos released. I thoroughly enjoyed and got a tremendous amount of knowledge with WebDriver and other DataUtils to be not static when using the grid, and new thing for me was EventFiringWebdriver and TestContext.
I need some clarification in starting the Hub and nodes. I saw you fired the hub and node using terminal window manually in the same local machine. Is there a way to automatically run these commands, which can start a hub and nodes and run test cases without any human intervention? Or is there any module in the Selenium course that I can refer ?



Support Team Replied on 01/07/2020

Thanks a lot !!

Well...hub and node setp will hae to be done on respective machines manually

You can keep bat files for that