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P K Shankar Posted on 02/06/2020

Hi Teacher,

In my current project in which I am building a Selenium framework I am storing application URL, user id and password in file.

I haven't yet pushed my code to GitHub. But as per my company guidelines, I'm not supposed to store these values even on company owned Github space.

So my question is how and where do I store these values. 

Support Team Replied on 03/06/2020

You can keep them on your server and with a JSON call you can retrieve


You can store on gihub after encoding them

P K Shankar Replied on 29/06/2020

just a follow up question on this one.

I am planning to store user name and password in a notepad locally on my machine and then at run time I'll read both and execute test cases.

As it is stored locally hence it will not be pushed to GitHub. Is this a safe way or should I also encrypt the password after reading the notepad and then decrypt.

Support Team Replied on 01/07/2020

Its better to encrypt and store in notepad

When you read you can decrypt

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