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dasmadhusmita99 Posted on 30/05/2020

In one of the interviews I think my answers were not proper for below questions

1. Testng -If there are 100 test cases ,50 test case we want to run in IE,50 we want to run in GC.What will be your apporoach.

2.If there is a test case if it fails all other test case needs to escape,what you will do.

My answer was I will use DependsonMethod.But the interviewer said "Its not correct approach"

3.last question was "you do not want to use any third party application like excel or text file and you have to provide test data for positive ,negative scenarios generating in script itself.what will be your approach.


Could you please help me in these so that I can rectify myself? 

Ashish Replied on 03/06/2020

Its tough to answer these questions here

I have made 2 videos today in video 11 - Part 7 and 8

7 is deployed. 8 is getting deployed.

Please watch them and i have discussed these issues there and also referred this post

dasmadhusmita99 Replied on 04/06/2020

Thank you so much

sachidananda sahoo Replied on 04/06/2020

I am not able to see vedio 8 please upload the video 8 in Module 11

Ashish Replied on 04/06/2020

Its added now

Please check

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