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Gherkin test only .. help please

Swinal Patel Post on 20/05/2020


I am solving one test where I am asked to write Gherkin only for the following test. Can you help please?

Thank you very much

The Test

Using the Gherkin format write the tests for the following:

Two new web portals have been developed and you have been asked to write the test scenarios for the logins.

There is a Customer Service Portal (CSP) for the customers, and Business Service Portal (BSP) for the back-end team

Users and role

  • Admin user can login to both portals, CSP and BSP.
  • Business user can only login to the BSP.
  • Customer can only login to the CSP.



Support Team Reply on 21/05/2020

Can you elaborate on this a little more - about application

Swinal Patel Reply on 22/05/2020

Sir actually i have been asked into one of my interview. so have just this much information. 

thanks for your reply.

Swinal Patel Reply on 23/05/2020

now i am attaching which i have made in features file using whatever information i have. can you please check it and if any correction needed please let me know. Many thanks.

Swinal Patel Reply on 25/05/2020

Hello Ashish,

can you please check my gerkin formate which i have attached before?

just because if any improvment needed in it.

many thanks.



Support Team 5 days go

Make 2 features - csp.feature and bsp.feature


Put positive and negative scenarios in that

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