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Java version ?

Divya Post on 10/05/2020

Hi sir,

Can you please make a session of lamda expression (java 1.8)cuurently in the recorded videos we see older versions.

Please make a video, it will help people like me. thanks a lot 



Support Team Reply on 11/05/2020

I can do it but its not used in selenium except in iteration of lists

I have discussed that in WebDriver videos

Divya Reply on 13/05/2020

In our project guys are asking us to use lambda expression for list only, so if you can cover few thing on that topic. It will be very help full for peple like me.


Thank you



Support Team Reply on 13/05/2020

Let me see and work on this

Divya Reply on 15/05/2020

Thank You Very Much for considering :)


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