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Ashish Posted on 02/02/2020

In selenium, when should we declare a method or variable as static or non-static..

Any criteria for that in our framework or program ?



Ashish Replied on 03/02/2020

Please refer to module 3. We have covered in detail the difference and use of this concept.

In simple words,

static: can be accessed directly with class name

e.g. ClassName.functionName();

or ClassName.variableName;


non-static: can only be accessed with the help of an object.

e.g. Object.functionName();

or Object.variableName();

Ashish Replied on 03/02/2020

I know the difference in this and how to declare..

But my Q is when should be go for static and when to declare Non static ? Any criteria or something for this ?

Ashish Replied on 04/02/2020

Static will return the same data everywhere whenever accessed.

NonStatic will return different data for different objects.

I would suggest you to go through the videos once and then try the concept manually to fully understand the difference.