If Working on Mac computer should I start from Training video 11 ? | Appium Forum
Monal Posted on 26/02/2020

Hi Instructor,

Since I am starting this course and I have Mac computer does that mean I have to start on Training Video 11 or Module 11 ? 

Please clarify or direct me how should I start thanks


Ashish Replied on 28/02/2020

Yes that will be helpful

Monal Replied on 29/02/2020

Hi Support Team

In Module 11 the Video Part 1 is incorrect, I have confirmed it and the video should start on how to install Brew, and then ANT ,but the video does not talk about all those important stuff. The part 1 vdieo of Module 11 is a repeat of Module 10 video, so please look into this 

Can you please fix and put the Proper video in Module 11 and let me know so that I can continue... currently I am stuck..!!

Thank you,